About Me

Food has been my passion ever since I was young. I've traveled the country to taste, learn, and fine tune my perception of exceptional hospitality. The world of food is more than taste. Food is a safe haven, food is fun, food gathers people together. As chefs, we have the humble task of making sure that wherever there is food, there is an experience worth remembering.

Growing up in Michigan, I would attend a culinary arts school for 2 hours of my day during my junior and senior year of highschooler. During my senior year, I became a line cook, working full time. After high school, I went to the Culinary Institute of America for college. I would intern at Sea Island resorts in Georgia. After graduating I packed my car to move in with a roommate I'd never met 950 miles away as I returned to Sea Island for a year. After my time there, I would spend a short amount of time as a private yacht chef in New Jersey. Next, I move back to my roots in Detroit. I ended up at the Grosse Pointe yacht club, a platinum club. Working my way up quickly, I am currently the Banquet Chef. My goal is to raise the standard of any program I'm in, and provide an exceptional experience to every guest.  

If we all stop sucking, this gets a lot easier

Every chef (in their head)